Break and Continue Blocks + Naming Control Flow Statements

Oh yeah - you’re 100% right! I can merge this one into the other one.


It would be convenient. It would make game loading or various functions a lot quicker.

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Great idea! I would love to see this implemented.

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yep instead of taking 20 seconds to run a series of codes, my robot takes around 7 seconds.

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The break block would be most useful in a repeat times event

Let’s say you are repeating 500 times and moving a square left and right, it will take over 8 seconds to complete. To make matters worse, changing scenes will pause the code from the previous and restart the when game starts rule.

If we had a break block, it could save you about 8 seconds of frustration, depending on how much the event has already repeated.


Additionally, I think there should be 2 versions of the break block: one that simply skips a loop, and one that forces a magenta (rule) block to end early.


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I learned more about break blocks, so I have a better understanding of how they work. I would most likely use it in AI events, repetitive operations, and cancellation of looping events. I’m not sure what I would use continue blocks for, but I’m sure the others will think of something…


Interesting suggestion

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