Braybraylovesmonkeys's Gen Topic 3! Come on in, folks and frens!



The topic says it all. My last two failed, so I'm trying again! Plz don't flag for spam, I'm just inviting these ppl. They're mai frens, don't judge other frens reading this!
Mah peeps


Um, okay. I'm first again.


Well were you two fighting?


Umm why would u invite me and then write that?


Yeah me too gotta go erase u from my bio


I've been in this situation before.
Being in fights is never fun.
My advice is to let her ignore you and if she wants, she should come to you. You are ready to talk to her but clearly she's not ready to discuss what's going on, so just give her time and don't try to talk to her if she doesn't want you to. She'll come around I hope.


Don't try to push it. Let her come to you.
Trying to make someone talk isn't very fun. Trust me, I've tried.


Well I won't be for much longer :p


I have a term for one month and it's almost April


Ma flu is gone


We don't even have another president ready :(


Is this allowed?


Im back baebae and my tummy hurts like a potato hurts a tomato


Hey @TACOCODE , you had the flu dude?


You shouldn't be sharing those things on here, that's personal stuff.


Me and megan
My dad thought she got it from me
He thought i kissed her and she got it but i didnt
We were playing baskettball but i was not sick then


Oops wrong picture!!!!!!


Weel dang. A lot of stuff went down huh?


I got black ops 3 and 1 for my xbox 360 on saturday


Is this allowed? To exclude ppl from topics?