Branching Idea....what do you think?



Hi! So has anyone ever branched a project and published it, but made changes to it? Then, when other people branch the project, you find that the original creator's name is at the top. That is totally fair to them since they originally made it, but I think the person that made this version should get some recognition too! So, I thought it might be cool to have like a string of branches. Example: Person A makes a project and Person B adds more things to it and publishes it. Person C goes to play it and it says PROJECT TITLE and Person A at the top. I think when person C goes to play it, it should say something like made by Person A---> Person B or originally created by Person A, this version made by Person B or something along those lines. That way, everyone gets credit! Tell me what you all think!


Yeah that would be nice :smile:

Like how I remixed ToasterRebellion's 3D shading project to make my HSB colour picker. I used her code for the rainbow part, but the colour picker code was what I added and my project is quite different to the original (:

When someone remixes it though, you only see the original creator name at the top. It would be nice receiving credit, but I included all our names in the project at least :smiley:


Great idea! I personally love to remix projects. Hope it's added.


Yeah I will tell the hopscotch team to make that update!!!


Yeah and in fact, @Fishyguitars made an awesome project that shows how this idea could be added:

Here's the link to the project if you would like to have a look. I think it's a great idea!

Copy and paste code in Hopscotch
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Would love to see this! Hope they add it sometime soon :smile:


I emailed them about it and they have not emailed me back yet


Wait!!! I got an amazing idea! Maybe, there could be a button on a project to see the Branch Tree. There it will say who branched the original project, and who branched the branch and so on!


That's a really cool idea!

That revive though