I see a lot of things on hopscotch that says like if yes branch if no, how do you know if you've seen a branched project. @admins help?


It shows up in your remixes


But what if it is someone else's project and you want to see it for like a project


There's a channel called "Remixes of your projects". Go there! :wink:


I know but what if you want to see someone else's remixes


I don't think it's possible, unless you look up the original name of the vote project! Maybe people's votes are there? 🤔


Oh you should be able to see I think that should happen @liza @admins can you help


Well, why do you ask? Do you want to see someone else's poll?

Honestly, the better polls are the types that are like if yes and play if no! :wink:


Yeah I geuss and I would like to see some polls though


You can't see anyone's remixes except for yours!


Unless You Hack Into Someone Else's Account.... (Which You Should Not Be Doing On Hopscotch)