BrAiN TwIsTeR..... 1


Sheila- edits 5 times throughout the day
Shelly- edits Stella's amount plus Sheila's amount throughout the day
Shawnda- edits 3 times throughout the day
Stacy- doesnt edit anything
Stella- edits 2x the amount of Shawnda plus Sheila's amount

Stacy because she doesnt have hopscotch and is extremely bored, adds them all together. She forgot her sisters Sky and Susan.

Sky- edits half of the amount all the sisters totally edit throughout the day.
Susan- edits half of Sky's amount

Stacy adds all of them together. But Stacy gets hopscotch and edits once throughout the day. She adds her amount to the rest of her sisters amounts. What is the total amount of all the sisters editing time?

You can use a calculator.

Figure this out by Wednesday, bc I'm making another one of these based on Thanksgiving.


Ahhh too lazy to do it


Does this include Stacy's editing after she gets HS?
(I think it does due to even/odd numbers, but just checking)


Hey, welcome back @QueenShaeShae!


Give me some time to solve this one.. I'll post tomorrow


Is Sky a girl or a boy?
'Cos there's a person named Sky and he's a boy


Cool riddle! Are there any decimals, because I just ran into some decimals.


What kind of room has no doors or windows?


Isn't it a mushroom?


One more question, do we only get one guess?


You get as many guesses as you like there are decimals, and sky is a girl, and it also includes stacys amount together.

what I think the answer is but there are decimals apparently?? so



Oh ok! Thanks. I think I know the answer


@QueenShaeShae- is it either 62.25 or 62 ? I didn't use a calculator so I'm probably wrong.


Ok, I got 144. However, is Sky addicted to Hopscotch or something? Based on my calculations she edits 72 times a day :joy:


@PineappleSplit , you are very close, but try again (hint: the last decimal in your number is 3/4 of a dollar.)


So is it 62.75?


Ok, I see why the answer would be 62.25. But I think there's a problem with this, Sky's amount doesn't include Susan's. 141


I didn't include Susan's. I don't see what you mean