Brain Cancer Awareness



@MoonlightCoder cause I have brain cancer...
@AmiiboTrash Duh!


I'll do it!
I am going to change my profile pic now!!


Sorry about mass tagging, I know it can be annoying. I just thought this was important.


Like it??

My profile pic!


Yeah, that's great! It looks awesome! Thanks for helping me show support!


No problem. I needed a profile pic change anyways. : D


That moment when you are looking at a topic and you get a notification. But it turns out it was someone putting the FMTL in the topic you were reading. Also I'm joining.


I joining.

20 characters


I'll join this sounds amazing


Some stuff I found.


These are amazing! I'm going to try to code one of these! Is that ok with you, because I don't want to code it without your permission because you found these.


It is fine with me! :smiley:


No one else?


So do I have to Change my profile pic @codingCupcake123


I'm changing mine now! This was very kind of you to do.


No, you don't, but it would be cool if you did to show your support. The real day for this is going to be May 28th, but some people are showing extra support and changing their picture early. You can change it the day of if you want to, or not at all.


Thanks so much for showing your support! Aww, thanks, that made me happy to know you think this is kind! :grinning:


So yeah, @brainy, I encourage you to change your picture, but it's really up to you.


Reviving again...


@codingCupcake123 I have a new profile pic. I found it on Pinterest.