Bottle flip challenge!



Bottle Flip Challenge

Hey guys.

You might of seen me post this on hopscotch but I'm putting it out here.
If you are interested you can make a bottle flipping challenge on hopscotch using images. You can make this a chance alike game where 1/100 % chance the bottle will land upright.

If you make this offer prizes if someone wins.

It'll be awesome.



This is a great idea! I might do somthing like this! I will give credit​:wink:


@Madi_Hopscotch_ if it's on trending you'll get so many remixes. And It'll be at the top of trending.


Hi @blastfusion
Do u have a general topic yet?


Cool idea! Sounds a bit like the App Store game @xXBARNSLEYFCXx and I were going to remake!


You really think so?!?? :smiley::smiley::smiley:


When will we do it? Doing homework right now ! Bot


Later. Discuss on one of our own topics :wink:



Yep ok .Prefffibly mine .a


Hi @BlastFusion
Do you mind me making a project titling 10+9=19: this is not a joke
Thanks for making 10+9=21 I really loved it!
Sorry for using this topic
So: some layout will be taken form u but no code was taken


Yep, most definitely, but if it's featured I'll be a bit angry.


Huge credit will be given
Are you okay with it?


Guys; if this is made you'll most definitely have 200+ likes and maybe top of trending! It'll be better with new update.

(Has anyone here flipped a bottle in real life? And landed upright?)


Yep mate
I got it while running across the back of a couch then diving into some pillows last night


The other day I flipped it 5 times in a row.


Omg there is like no flat bottles in Australia its so hard to get a good bottle for flipping


Has to be a quarter full


Ye i know but most bottles i find are curevd on the bottom
And they dent really easily


Irk I found a good one and flipped it 24 times in a row!!! :scream::scream::scream:


I'm da master at bottle flipping