Bored/Freetime Club!



Hey guys! I wanted to make a club where everybody can chat and do (almost) whatever you want. Post projects, ask questions, or just hang out. Get to know each other and find new friends. But be nice, and all topics need to be Hopscotch related.

(So, what are you waiting for?)

Member list:

Who wants to be on Dylan329's Friend list? Just ask, and I will add you!

I'll join your club!

You should make a list for the members :+1:


Okay. I'll add you .




So, what should we do?


Well, I need to go finish this game I'm making. It's two player


Since I'm not going to be active later, I need people to look over, and make sure everything is Hopscotch related and respectful.


@lollypopcorn, you joined first, so you can be co.leader.

And @MiNi, you can be co. co. leader since you joined second.


Hmm to make it HS related, maybe try talking about what projects to make


Thanks for your advice, but if this topic seems like a bad one, I'll recycle it, or have someone close it.


I'll do my best



No no it's not bad

It's a club
And it's cool



It's okay if you are not active.:grinning:


I'm on the forum a lot everyday
I'm pretty active lol


puts topic on watching and bookmarks it


Great! I have extra homework from my mom on Monday-Thursday, so I'm not so active.


Ok, I'll receive a notification everytime somebody posts here, so I can watch over it and make sure everyone is nice :smile:


Let's talk about school.


Okay :grinning:


What grade are you in?