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Lol, Idk why I put a random title, maybe to attract people...BUT DONT CHANGE IT!!!

I have a question.

I was considering deleting hopscotch.


Before you go all "Dont leave!!"
I have been considering deleting hopscotch to get the new update. This is a school update, so I don't even have to tap download, all the apps deleted automatically come back. So I'm hoping the update with come back on, so I want your opinion.

  • Try it :D
  • Maybe that's not a good idea...
  • Umm...ur choice
  • I don't think it would work
  • :D Whatever makes you happy!


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Um, mind if I add some tags? :smile:


Yeah, it makes tags fun!

Anyways, Imma delete hopscotch. It usually comes back in like 2-8 hours? hopscotch for that long? I can't do dis =e . e=


(Stalking this topic)


I think you should do it, but will you lose all your drafts on your account?


nope, because the drafts are in an account. It stays that way, so when you log back in, it is the same as it was before. Plus I already deleted it.



you always do these things omgee


Lol it worked! It only took like 5 hours to redownload and it has the update omg!!!


I miss you BFF I haven't talk to you for a long time


yeah me too. How's life PrincessBunny?


But what if you're gonna get in trouble? :0

I wanna try it, but I'm too scared ;-;


we could've done this when we were helpless with the 2nd latest version lol.
Even if you deleted it and it doesn't come back, you can still say to the librarian, my teacher said to come to you because I'm missing 1 app. Or something on those lines. Or flat out say, I accidentally deleted an app while sorting out my apps in folders. And also, I did a test app on an app we don't use, I used ConnectED. Just to make sure it came back, but it usually takes 5-7 hours.


Oh life is good or awesome


Let's get back on topic.