Book/Writing Collab - Looking for Partners/Helpers



I can try but that’s alll


nothing… just main stream anime based off of, “full dive VR,” and being stuck inside of a game where if you die in the game you die irl… we could do something sort of like this, but with a different plot like instead of the game designer removing the logout button it’s a hacker and maybe he adds stronger boss jobs and stuff to the game that are way higher level and we could use HS fourm people with their permission of course


Ya, that sounds like a good idea. We just have to get permission for people’s names and stuff as well as decide the tasks that mussed be passed to ‘complete’ the game


Yeah, also just as a side note I find it funny how the main character is solo for most of the time and I’m solo as well


can I be a main character
um if u want here are the names u can call me in it
just in case



I think zChara would be cool


lol u can be the main character then
I’ll just be te old mentor jimmy
I don’t know what I’m saying half the time


We could use ourselves as main characters and ask others for permission as side characters


i prefer chara to zchara


Yeah, good idea of course I’d have to use a difficult username


Sorry I was trying to capitalize…


Well you could use a nickname instead if you would prefer


lol its okay
the z is right next to the shift so yeh


Yeah, this is gonna be a cool project


It happens 'cause I’m not using a keyboard…


also i see you black betty


I’m late to the party, but this sounds like a cool idea! Maybe I could help somehow since I write short stories.


Do u want to be part of it


Like in the story i mean


Welcome to the topic! If you would like be in it I’m sure you can, we have not established much yet so nothing has been set in stone