Book/Writing Collab - Looking for Partners/Helpers



I have always had an idea that I wanted to create a book/write a piece for a long time! But I do not know what of, and do not believe that I am able to accomplish this on my own.

I’m looking for any people who would like to collaborate on Hopscotch or the Forum, or offer ideas. I would love all of your input and I hope I will find someone willing to work with me!

The book could be based around a sci-fi theme with coding and stuff as to relate it more to Hopscotch and the app, or it could be separate!


i can write

yeah probably


Do you have any ideas for a plot because I am drawing a blank


I can write, do scripting, and think of a plot… I’ve always wanted to try to write


Yay! I didn’t think anyone was actually going to want to help! So if either of you have an idea just tell me!


Maybe it could be about some people in the forum???
if not, undertale


I can do concept art and comics


I don’t know much about undertale. We could do something based on coding and the forum. Like a corrupted website or something. Idk


Do you want it to be more Star Wars esc, (please say no,) or can we reach out to an anime style plot?


Undertake would be cool, but I also like the fourm idea


corrupted website tho
what do u mean


Not Star Wars. Anime would be good but I am bad at drawing so…
Of either of you are good at drawing then that could be good


Yep maybe we can do that while we’re not helping loli


Like a hacker maybe?


Somewhat of a VR type of thing? SAO esc… but different?


i can draw anime…
im warning u it su.cks


No, I just mean as maybe a lite novel, (again kinda like the SAO lite novel for example… we dont HAVE to do a manga style setup but we can if we get an artist. )


yep :+1:



Yeah, we could…


Um, sorry, but what is SAO?