Bonjour I'm new ! Nice to meet u


Hi guys my name is PizzaDelivery I live in Hawai. I like sports ! Nice to meet you I would like to focus on trail arts and games.

I'm 13 right now!
Description about me
Hair: Blond short
Eyes: Blue
Body: normal
Skin: peach

I need a profile pic anyone wanna draw me ?


Hi! Welcome to the forum!
I'm not sure If I'll be able to draw you a profile picture any time soon, but you can ask people in the drawing topic.

Also, tag me if you need any help, like this @IShallNotBeNamed.


Did you copy @FoodDelivery's name?


Hi! Welcome to the forum! If you need any help, just @ me like this: @Dude73 and I'll try my very best to help! :D

If I have time, I'll try drawing you a profile picture. It will take time, though. :D


i'll draw you maybe :000

Hello! Welcome to the forum!


Welcome to the forum! It's nice to have you here!


Thankyou all for your nice posts can someone post the Tag list ?
We are allowed to use it right?
@ValueGamesStudio I didn't know him but I changed my name because it sounds real similar @Dude73 thx a lot !


You're looking for the official mass tag list? :D


yes can you please post it? :D (what does xD mean ???:thinking:


Hi! I can post the tag list, and XD is a laughing emoticon. It's kinda weird....look at it sideways.

Wanna be friends?


Here is this guide I wrote that might help you with some stuff, it dosent cover everything though.


Oh! Can I draw you? Btw I'm Laski, Pansexual, I'm from Va. And I am somewhat a train wreck.


Hi I would love it if u can draw me thx !!!