BoninFun Games Club (BoninGamesClub, A Hopscotch Club)



Did you click this thinking it’s boring old Bonin888?
Well, nope. I am now allowing some of BoninFun to get involved. Introducing, BoninGamesClub!

This club allows you to get exclusive access to codes, Secret tips, and even special rewards! (No joke!)
If you see the post about a sign up form, click the link when it’s ready and you’ll be able to get freebie stuff. (A link secured connection will be made for the kiddies or people who don’t think they can trust links).

@bonin888 will be your source of freebie links. :wink:
By the way, don’t forget, BoninFun technically owns the games listed below.
Do not copy and paste! Nor claim it as your own!
Bonin TD,
(WIP) BoninFun Battles. :grin:
You May see changes to names in the future.

Soon new games will be added to this list.
Thank you Hopscotch Team for allowing these games to be made in the first place with the awesome editor you built.

Go here for awesome stuff such as games, projects, ideas and more:

This post will be updated.


The first game to allow Club Content will be: :drum:

BoninFun Battles!


Does this have anything to do with Hopscotch?


I’m sorry I was about to say something that you wouldn’t like but its just my judgemental side of me, sorry… :disappointed_relieved: This is actually related to Hopscotch, as its a “hopscotch club”. Also all the games I have told about on the forums here are Hopscotch based. If this club doesn’t sound Hopscotch-like, then you could just say that instead. :grinning:


Oh ok, that is good then. Just make sure to explain that