Bonin TD (Updates)



(This is an old post, the game has been released, and will be updated)

It has been done. Bonin TD May be ready soon, however, I may need some tips on how to make it help, and asking questions about it will be answered, please feel free to ask about how it’s made. And, also, because of the new universal purple blocks, you could make your own TD too! ;D


New Update being released soon!

This update includes…

  • Better Graphics.

  • Possibly Sound

  • image based backgrounds and/or icons for buttons

Stay tuned for more. Check back often for updates.

Update! No money, no new graphics! Sorry! :slightly_frowning_face:


Wait is this the Bonnincraft you made? I loved that game!


I’m sorry, the update planned will not have better graphics because it was not specified in the app description it was free at all. It’s payed, so I’m going to try to remove all images from the game if I can. It’s BoninTD though. BoninCraft will be updated too, but there’s a separate thread for that. :slight_smile:

EDIT: Hopscotch Team Fixed App Decription.