Bonin Defensive Turrets Disscussion



If you don’t know what Bonin Defensive Turrets is, Then you might get to know it a little better today.

The image shows exactly what this game is, and shows a little extra too.
This is a tower defense game, based heavily on modern defensive games. Not only that, but it has extensive features that can go beyond most Hopscotch Tower Defense Games. This game is also hosted on BoninFun Gaming.
Hope you enjoy it!
Note! This game works better on a computer.
Now, For a quick Tour:

This is the title screen. It’s the base screen. Not only that, but the background is also the map background, shop background, and the dark mode background all at once. Tis’ very efficient and streamlined. 3 Buttons exist; the shop (left), choose map (middle), and settings (right). BoninCoins at the far top right, and XP at the far top left.

This is the settings screen. It has the “close” button, the toggle for the sound, and the toggle for the “dark” mode, used for players who can’t get enough of this game, or have constant nighttime. This screen also has the changelog and the welcome text.

This is the shop. Not much here except for the “close” button and a trade XP for BoninCoins Button.

This is the “Choose map” Screen (conveniently there is also a title on this screen). There are 5 maps, and 2 modes to choose for each map. Maps 1-4 are normal levels, each with a predefined path for the map draw and enemy paths. Each one can get challenging to some degree, so be ready. Expert Mode is for the elite. Less lives, more money. You decide how to beat it. Or, optionally, you can just click the map icon to enjoy a normal game. The last button is the Sandbox Mode. Test your skills and see what each tower can do, without limits of health and money.

Ah, the ingame map and tower selection menus. This is where the “game” part comes in. There is a lot on this screen. Starting in the top left of the screen, there is lives and money (respectively). The boxed in area (the area with the tree, green ground and tan path), is the map itself. It will always redraw itself to insure you get the right display every time you reset the map. The far right of the screen contains the “Tower Costs” Button, Selectable towers, and 2 extra towers will pop up when you press the play button. There is the extra “Options” button, which allows you to go back to the main menu. You can toggle sound while playing, and you can see the XP you earn as well. There is much more to discuss, but I can’t do that here. Discuss code and suggestions below.


That seems really cool and you definetly taught me the concept. So, if I understand this correct, you are working on this and the game will be released soon?


The game is released and has updated a few times from the first release. Each version may have something new in it I forgot to add or consider in the previous update. :slightly_smiling_face:


Cool! Can you possibly post a link to the project?


Sounds like a fun game. I haven’t been able to find it, so could you post a link? (I know William04GamerA already asked, but I’d like to play it too.)


Link to the game online, if you play it in the app, you may see “Womp” a lot due to the complexity and 100s of collisions that occur. The faster the computer/mobile device, the better the game runs. New Links will occur if an update is released.


Update will be out soon…
Version 1.3.

This version fixes bugs, but has somehow introduced some as well! Expect crashing if you play for extended periods of time.
New Tower: Freezing Tower. (He’s the guy with the shades: “:sunglasses:”).
The enemies now are less like other games…
New beginner Mode for first timers.
Helpful hints to tell you how to play the game, and what stuff does on certain menus.


Released version 1.3 Beta.
Play it now! :smiley: