Bluvi’s Project Updates

hello! here, i will post my project updates

do you want to be tagged for updates?
  • sure why not
  • nah i’m good
  • absolutely not.
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@/Cobalt_Phoenix - here’s your pixel art prize! i know it definitely was not worth the wait but i’m glad i finally got some time and motivation to get it done

project update tag list (if you do not want to be tagged then simply remove your vote from the poll)

@ClownPig @Tri-Angle @Cobalt_Phoenix @StarlightStudios @Dragonsarereal @amortentia @KingGuin87 @Stick_Man @anon48673151 @affogato @RoadOcean @I_Cant_Code @PizzaStudios @CanDyy @rAyyy


I love it!
Tysm! :D
And dw, I didn’t mind the wait, in my opinion it was well worth it :)


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