Blurry Images when Uploading

I once also had that with Hopscotch characters.


Maybe it’s the image quality itself? maybe double check where you got the image?


nop, self drawn
this is a bug and i can confirm myself too - and so did tht with the #officially-reproduced tag


The quality of the actual image was perfectly fine. The image is blurry upon uploading the image.

All of my images were drawn in Procreate, some were made in Keynote.


We still have this item on our list, but I just removed the #in-development tag since we didn’t have a fix in an upcoming update. Was investigating and unfortunately didn’t have a full fix before I went on holiday, so I’m sorry about the confusion.

I will add the tag back once it’s certain that it will be included in an upcoming update.




Ok. Thanks for the info.


I just noticed something else related to visual image bugs

The images I circled showed the full image in Beta Version 3.56.0, and now it doesn’t fit in the frame. It seems to only affect non-square images.

It does not negatively affect the images on the screen, so it’s not as big of a deal, although some users who have uploaded images prior to 3.57.0 might get worried their image got cut off…


I found a temporary workaround that won’t involve using the set size block.

It’s complicated tho…

Step 1: upload an image
Step 2: go into files > hopscotch > custom_images and copy the metadata of the image
Step 3: copy the image you tried to upload to that folder and delete the old
Step 4: paste the metadata onto the new image


  • it’s clean and crisp
  • it is slightly smaller that what it’s supposed to be (mostly due to how they are scaled in the newer versions), which may be a problem for those who are adding “tiles” that don’t need a size block… I’m going to do some more tests to see how much smaller it is compared to the original image.
  • if you play a project with the same image by mistake, the changes will be undone.
  • in other words, it’s not worth modifying the images. Luckily, no mass loss of images were caused.
  • the image is still unsaturated, despite the original using the color profile of Display P3

Cropped Screenshots: