Blurry bugs with Texts and project screenshots?


I haven't yet raised this, and it's been a very frustrating bug for a while, but every project I publish on an old device seem to blur. (My game changers, Dino run, 3D spaceship simulator and space wonders were published on a newer device) (that's why they are less blurry)

And, when I enlargen a text/shape/anything, it seems to be blurry. I'm not sure why, and hopscotch never used to have this problem.

This first picture is a sized 900 text with the current editor.

Then, this was a really old game about 32 weeks ago, and was a sized 900 text. Why would the newer editor have blurry texts?

I just published this project (ball wall 0.5) now, why is it so blurry? (Look at the actual project on hopscotch to get a better view)

And back when they had this cropping system, look how clear and non blurry my projects were!

Weird, these should be fixed.
Any ideas, @Awesomeonion, @Rodrigo, @Liza?


Yeh I think it is also weird and should definitely be fixed, sometimes it can ruin projects'
Got to go to school. Bye


Yeah, this should be fixed...all of my projects are from an iPad 4, very glitchy.. Maybe you could email THT about this?


Yeah, I recognize this bug. But what do you mean with game changers?


I know this. Why is it so blurry?


The project I published which was a shape and trail art of game changers, I published that project on a new device. So it wasn't too blurry.


Am I alowed to use an omtl? I think it is necessary.


Do you think people can help contribute to the discussion?


Yes. I'd like to know if I'm the only one experiencing this or not.
Someone flagged me last time for using it in a bug report.


I noticed blurry objects a few months ago.


Yeah, but they are getting a bit annoying now :frowning:


This is a little annoying, I make all my projects with the old HS version, and I have another problem. You can't customize the size of the project thumbnails, so it looks like this on the old HS version:

And this is how it looks on the new version:

It is not a very big problem and I don't care about the cropping thing that much, but I have noticed it.
@Rodrigo and @Liza, could you take a look at this?