BlueStarGirl's Goodbye Party! 🎊😪🎈



I Have To Leave In 30 Mintues, So I Made Goodbye Party Where All You Guys Can Say Goodbye While Partying! (That's Why It's Called A Goodbye Party :3)
I'll Miss You Guys So Much! I'll Be Think About You Guys When I Leave ;-;

I Will Miss You Guys So Much!

Now It's Time To Party!

@Kiwicute2016, You Can Close This Topic When I Leave :3

I Was Kinda Rushing To Make This Topic So Things I Said May Sound Werid '-'


Manipulation.... hehehheheheheh

Ill miss you


Sorry, but we're only allowed to have forum parties for holidays! They get too crazy sometimes. I'm going to have to close this. :slight_smile:

Bye! We'll miss you!