BlueStarGirls AMA!



Wait! Hopscotch twins?


@Work_kids_coding, What Are You Doing Here?


Ok that Is fine ok it's fine yeah it's fine XD


Umm... I was reading topics and saw this one! You have a birthday party today?


Maybe My Friends Can Chat Here! @Gamer_Girl2973, @Bobaroo123, @KarmicSans618, @PixelMaster64, @MrHotdog64, @Sign_Out


So okay we're hopscotch twins! Yay!


Yep, @Gamer_Girl2973 Might Chat Here After 8:00, She's Going To My Birthday Party





Wow! My birthday is Tomorrow @BlueStarGirl


Hoi @PixelMaster64, My Birthday Was Yesterday, Did You Know That?


Yes I did!
Hoi again



^w^ Mew, Ok, GBOT Please!


Woah my birthday was January 29th it snows all the time on my birthday


Is this kind of like a Q/a?


Ok im joking, dont answer that!


You Already Know Where I Live @MrHotdog64


Umm, just saying you might want to edit that post, because that seems kind of creepy ._.

But yes that is true, I was saying as a joke xD

Anyways is this a q/a?


Yes @MrHotdog64, It's Q/A


Oh in that case, how did you find Hopscotch?


My Sister @Bobaroo123 Told Me About It


Oh also, you know my profile pic? What app do you use?