BlueStarGirls AMA!



You Can Ask Me Anything You Want! Except Something Mean Or Personal! Credit To @PixelMaster64 For The Idea!


I Won't Be On The Forum For A Long Time So Answers Will Come In Late


Do you want a tag with your name on it?


Sure, Show Me A Example!


You got one! :smiley: check your thingy!


Can you tag me I want to see what that is! @EnchantedAnimallover


Wait, what? Do you see the tag where it says bluestargirl under the tittle? Do YOU want one?


Yes of course I want one! Sorry for late reply.


Ok! I'm Back! What's Next?


Hey @BlueStarGirl! Are we still to the collab thing?


Hey, just asking, but how do you make a topic in the forum? :confused:


Yes @KawaiiRose, We Are!


Press This Button


When should we do it? Im thinking maybe Friday or something.


Thanks I'll try it. See you later.


@StarKid, Lets Chat Here Ok? By The Way You Can Ask Me Anything


Ok do we have to be the same age to be hopscotch twins


No, We Don't Have To Be The Same Age


Ok I am 8 years old i am almost eleven in can't wait to become a tween!


I Won't Be On Though 5:00/8:00, I Have A Birthday Party Today