Blue's Random Topic 😬


This is an old topic converted to my random one. :grimacing:


Hello! How are you doing? :D

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Ummmm... good. How about you? :smiley:

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I'm doing fine as well! I'm actually in class right now, waiting for school to end. XD

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What time does school end its already 3:32 there rifht


It ends at 3:55, though I don't like my last hour. It's so boring (● ΛƒΜΆΝˆΜ€γƒ­Λ‚ΜΆΝˆΜ)ΰ©­κ ₯⁾⁾


Haha rip

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In class?? Wow.. It's quite late for me where I am! :sweat_smile:


Same. My school ends at liek 2:30.....usually released at liek 2:20 though

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Ya, mine ends around 3:30. :frowning:

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Maybe... I'm not positive ;D


Same mine ends at like 3:30 not positive..:no_mouth:


Mine ends at 2:54. I get home at 3:15.


Okay, I'm sorry, after reading this, I had a......


I realized mine ends at 2:50, I get home at around 3:00-3:10. (Yes, I bike to and from school.)


Lucky, sometimes I wished I lived that close to the school. Then I would be late every day XD


Why? My sense of funniness rector isn't beeping, but I'm pretty sure it's just cuz I don't understand XD I'm smart I promise

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Phmygosh, I just saw your usercard. Hilarious! I seen the cat on the internet before for the song, Wiggle, Wiggle, Wiggle . :joy:

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Oops I forgot to laugh at my own joke

Wait, I didn't mean for it to be a joke...

Wait WHAT?


Yeah, I changed it a while ago. LOL :joy:


This was ur joke. I'm rlly don't get it...