Bluedogmc's Trivia Game! (With a level system! And prizes!)


Credit to all other trivia games! Mine is a little different tho!

I will ask questions, and whoever correctly answers first will get a point!

Once you reach a certain level of points, you will move up levels. Basically, This is to see who can get the highest level! The emoji for your level will be displayed next to your name!

Some questions may only be for certain levels, and I will give prizes from time to time!

The last level is extremely hard to get to, and if you get there you can still play, and you will get a huge reward!

Beginner! (:star:️) 1-10 points!
Apprentice (:zap:️) 10-20 points!
Master (:boom:) 20-35 points!
EPIC OVERALL BEST (:fire:) 35+

@RainbowGalaxy: (:star:️) 2


Sounds cool! Great idea on levels! C:




Thats cool! The levels are really cool!


Thanks! I think the first question will be tomorrow!




Kewl… I will not be very güd at this


Question 1

What was my first project I ever published? I have republished it before also!

Worth: 2 points


Is it Tap crazy!!? :)


Yes! Two points to you!


goes to hopscotch
Tap crazy! :D


When's the next question? c:


Soon XD!


Next question:

What was my first feature? Extra points if you give me the name and the link!

Only the first person gets to answer right gets the points!

Worth: 1 points for name of the game 3 points for name and link