Bluedogmc's surveys!


Since the mods haven't said anything about whether this is allowed, if it isn't, please close and I will delete the link. Thanks!


Comment here if you answer!


Thanks for responding @BB-Box!

Why don't you follow me? I want to know so I can change and get followed more. Thanks so much, this feedback will help me!



I don't know. I don't want to follow much peoples


I'm sorry


Oh ok! Thanks! :joy:


It's ok, don't be sorry! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


I did the survey! :D


I took the survey at least once


Thank you for taking the survey @PopTart0219 and @Dude73!


@ThePickle, you said "I don't like you that much, your code isn't very good". I understand I'm going to have haters so I'm not mad lol.

If you don't like my code, what can I do to improve it? Thanks!



tehe wafflez


I did it. :D


I took it!

I voted four because I feel as if the top answers on those questions mean perfect, and nobody is perfect! :D


I responded! Cool survey!


I did it! Umm.... Yeah.


@happy12345678910, you said "I don't you are really mean"

Why do you think that, and how could I change?



I took the survey! :DD


I took the survey​:blush::blush:


I did? I don't remember that.
Edit: I didn't do it and I think someone pretended to be me.
Edit again: I gave you a good review xD


Ok thanks! I didn't think you would say something like that lol. Thanks again! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: