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Awesome geometry dash game!

By @TheRealBlah

This game is a fun version of geometry dash! I really like the background and difficulty. It is more difficult then other geometry dashes I have played because of the setup of the triangles!

Overall: Great fun game that everyone should play!
Stars: 4 out of 5

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I found it!


Summer collection

By @friendship2468


I give this 5 stars! I really like this collection of trail arts and the game. The trail arts all are amazing and well coded. I like the game and the difficulty of it. I play it all the time trying to beat it! (I really do!) the only bug I found is that if you click two trail art names at once or within seconds of each other, it draws both. I know this would be hard to fix, so I didn't take any stars away for it! Good job!

Overall: I love it!
Stars: 5 out of 5

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Simple but fun game!

By @TheGreenBanana

This game is an awesome addicting game. I like how it is a simple and clean look, not a crazy background that takes forever to load or something. There is no loading time or lag at all. You open the project and can play! I think this is a cool game.

Maybe add some power ups? Like when you reach a certain score, you can buy a power up to make the ball go slower for a few seconds? Idk, I just think adding a little more would be cool!

Overall: Great simple game! No lag!
Stars: 5 out of 5

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