Bluedogmc's coding club (NEW)


This is my new coding club! We will have challenges and fun!


I'm accepting five people! After some people ask to join I will tell you who is in. I'm really sorry if you don't get in the first time, I may accept more people, after. When I do accept more people, people who didn't make it in the first ones will get first dibs on joining.


I will have challenges often! The winner of every challenge will receive a coded prize :smiley:



This is ment to be a fun club! You can go a little off topic here, but remember to try to keep most things related.

What we do

Besides challenges, we will help each other with code, chat with each other, and do fun stuff!



Can I join? :smiley:


Can I join please? This sounds like fun


Can I join? I might not do all the challenges though.


I forgot to say that all challenges are optional!


when does it start????


K who's in da club rn


Can I join? Please? :D


Pizza is awesome


Can I join?


I'm 6th to ask


I would love to join! You're a great hop and it would be cool to be in a coding club with you!


No one, yet! I'll probably pick people tomorrow or tonight!


The people who are in:


I'm so sry if you didn't make it! I really just kind of randomly picked.

All challenges are optional! Challenges will start soon!


I can join if someone drops put or if you pick new people. :D

Why is there penguingaming twice?


Oh, idk why! I'll fix that!

I'll put you on the list of extra people!


Can I join? (I'm starting a Peace club and Victoria's Coding Academy.)


Sorry, we are full for now. If I add more people, I'll add you!


Okay, I hope you good luck.


Yay thanks!
Pizza is awesome