Bluedogmc vs -Madi- vs KVJ! You are the judges!


Me, @Madi_Hopscotch_, and @KVJ will be going head to head In this competition! There will be five challenges, and the person who wins the most will win!

The five challenges are:

  • Pixel art
  • Small game
  • Art
  • some sort of template
  • something educational

I will give more details on the challenges when it is time to do them.

You guys are the judges! At the end of each challenge, you will vote for which one is better!

We won't be mad if you dont vote for one of us :calling:

Let the games begin

Inspired by the enchanted competition:


First like and reply!

Cool idea!


Cool! When are you guys gonna start?


Soon! Probably tomorrow if that's ok with KVJ and Madi!


Btw, are you gonna give us links for the activities except for the drawing? (You are gonna post pictures for it, right?)


Yah! We will give links! The drawings will also have a link, I'll explain more later!


K, thanks! Can't wait!

I like watching people compete but I don't like to participate in it..... LOL


watches topic




Oohhh this sounds cool! :D


I think I can start tomrrow. I have school and then I am busy after school but I will try if I can :wink: Sorry if I won't be able to participate, it's just because of school and everything! I will try me best​:smiley:


Is anyone else joining or is it just the three of us?


@smishsmash you were invited too, are you gonna join? :smiley:


@bluedogmc-official also I think the votes should be anonymous so that no one feels bad about voting for someone



Hai! I would love to join, but I dont have a lot of time, but something bad happened which gave me more free time, I have to think about this :000


Im going to judge! :D

Those who judge this topic, can tou also jusge the enchanted compeition? Thicks! :D


I think it will just be us, and @smishsmash if she decides to join! I don't want to many people!

I'm busy tomorrow to, but you will have to weeks to make the project, so you don't have to do it tomorrow !


I think you should do two teams if smishy is joinging. :D


Yeah! I agree with that! @smishsmash, are you joining?


This is awesome! I don't know who I want to win. This will be exciting!