@bluedogmc-official's Coding Contest-Team 1 ONLY


This is for Team 1, all spots full, sorry!

Team 1:
Please don't join in the poll's unless you are in the team!

Sorry if the leader was going to make a topic, I didn't know!


I thought the leader made the topic?


Sorry, I didn't know that!! :no_mouth:


It's okay!

But let's just keep this topic!


It's okay we can keep this topic! Want to make the polls for co leader and leader?


You can make it!

I can't make it because something is weird with the forum for me!


You can, I'm not good at polls yet!





It's ok that you made this topic, since you haven't picked a leader yet!

You guys can start the project has soon has you pick a leader.

Please tell me who you pick has a leader, and good luck!

Remember, turn projects in on November tenth!


When should I close the leader polls? I am thinking maybe tomrrow. Or when the votes reach like 10 each?


Well we have six people on our team.


Oh that's true. That means people who weren't on our team voted. Or it just happens that everyone on our team voted! :smiley:

So should I close the polls then?


Yeah sure just close it!


Yeah! Close them.
Also, what does the leader mainly do? @Sweetlina


The leader makes the account

Helps people

Answers questions

And generally helps and yeah!



Ok, so it looks like I'm the leader, and @Sweetlina is the co-leader!

We should make a collab account.

How do I make super tiny text even smaller than this? I think I will give you all the password like this.

<small> hello </small>





@bluedogmc-official can we pick our collab account name?
Do you know if we can, @Sweetlina?



@Madi_Hopscotch_ is our leader!