#Blue Challenge! (Art contest)


I dunno if you have seen the Blue Challenge thing I published. It's in trending right now, not too hard to find! :stuck_out_tongue: Anyways, go and enter! We will vote for the winners on this topic in a couple days :wink:


I saw it I'm going to enter it soon!


Yes, I would like to join too! By the way, I saw it. :blush:


Wow! I got nice topic! And thanks Liza for liking it!


If you guys could go search up #BlueChallenge and look for awesome ones, that would be great. Post the really good ones on here! :smiley:


I saw a really REALLY awesome 1, I will post that one!


in like a hr or 2! :wink:


I did this challenge!I think my drawing is quite good!


I didn't type #blue challenge (I think)


I called it sea in the middle of the night!