BluBerries' General Topic


Ack! I just came back from the dentist. My mouth taste weird. Ack! :confounded:


Eeep! Hope your mouth feels better soon! (Maybe you should have put this in a general topic, this isn't HS related) :slight_smile:


eww I hate that feeling
it's the flouride
luckily you can just wash it out after half an hour or an hour I think


I don't know how I do not know how


I hate it when that happens



How do you put in general


Well you could recycle this topic by asking everyone to delete their posts and then just repost your original post in your general.


I do not know how to put in general but how do you @Hitokage


To do, a general topic? Just create a topic, saying BluBerriea general topic, and you can chat and stuffs them!


General topics are like chat rooms. You can talk, get off topic, and ask questions, and much more

You should create a general topic


Huh? huh? Sorry I need 20 characters.


How do you create a topic I do not know how. @Hitokage


Just create a topic! Make it say BluBerries general topic, or something, like that! Tag me there!


It's just like how you created this one. You just title it, "general topic", and BOOM, it's done.


How? how? I do not know


Ok I will do that next time. Thanks for letting me know!


This topic isn't related to Hopscotch. What people mean by "general topic" is that people usually make their own personal topics where they share off-topic things there! :D


I know it's not related! Look at the other comments.


I just learned. I just learned just just just


No one comment anymore I got it