Bloodbath-New Mega-Collab!?!?! [Status- CLOSED]



And yes I get it!


Great. :slightly_smiling: so far, the people are:
Great! So happy right now :smile:


i have to go sorry byeeeeeee!!!!


@Phase_Studios can u watch the video I linked and pick a part u like? You will base your part in the collab on that. @GiraffeProductions, u too. Thanks, that would really help!!! :wink:


I would like to this at the time at 3:13.


I did. So I guess the characters or portal technique stuff.


3:13 to anything else, like 3:15?? But okay ship...


I meant that part of level, I want to do dat part.

Sorry grammar


@LotsaPizza I will watch the video to see if there is another thing I want to do.


Okay, @GiraffeProductions so like, portals and the ship and ball and stuff like that? Can you also pick a specific part if you can? Like, the end or the start or something like that. If you don't want to its fine, don't think I'm forcing you. :wink:


@LotsaPizza I don't get the video. What can I be that I may be good at? I'm thinking like a side helper, maybe just someone who will help with minor things?


Okay. 3:06 in the video


Okay, thanks for specifying!

Any one want to colab?

Your welcome. (202020202020)


Maybe like the ending,something easier? @Hoppertoscotch, you choose.


@LotsaPizza it really depends on what the code will be, you can scan my account, gamergirlofgamers, and see if you can discover things I'm good at coding. On my own, I think my biggest kill would be somewhere in the values side, but I'm not saying I'm super good at values or anything. Because, I'm probably not compared to a lot if people, but see for yourself. I don't know my talent exactly yet.


ALL OF IT?! THAT'S CRAZY!! BUT AWESOME!! :smile::smiling_imp: Also, may I test & make? I am a GIANT fan of Geometry Dash! :smile::white_square_button:


Also, I got 5% on it :laughing:


How many people are there so far?


Because I'd be interested