Bloodbath-New Mega-Collab!?!?! [Status- CLOSED]



Hey! It's me, LotsaPizza, and I am starting a new game called....
I wanted to make it by myself, but then I was like,
So, I decided to make it, not a collaboration, but a....
What??? Cool, right?? If you're in, please state that you are!
Here are the rules:
1. Only 12! Too many people is just too much. 12 will participate!
2. Betas will be chosen, 12 in total. So if you miss it, you can still be a beta tester!!
3. Respect everyone's ideas. 12 different people, 12 different parts. Respect them all!!
4. Post drafts in your channel, but I will repost AND final will be in my channel. But there are the credits!
5. Look at the following video and pick the part you want to make, please:
This is the inspiration for the collab, so please, please watch it!!
6. Have fun!!!
Thank you! If you wish to participate, also remix my project, bloodbath. Good luck!
-LP <3

Glitch with polls

Dude I would love to help you I am trying to be on hopscotch more...but I can still help!!


I wanna test!!! PLEASE


Of course! I'll put you in the choosing hat. You replied so early! Thanks! :smile:


OH and sorry if it sometimes it looks like I am obsessed with you like omg that's LotsaPizza!!! But I just think it's cool that there is someone with a lot in common with me!!


Test or make??? I'm fine with both though.


Your welcome


@Fifithefunnyflower, I actually sorta like it... It makes me feel wanted. Thanks I am a huge fan of you though!!!


@LotsaPizza, Can I please test mostly and help a little?????? I would love to help!


Wow! So many people. Thanks for participating! You can help, definitely. :smiley:


Go here @LotsaPizza! It is just showing you something!


Can I join? (20 characters)


Yes!! Yes oh yes oh yes!!!!!!!!!!!! @GiraffeProductions


Test!!! @LotsaPizza!!!!!!!


Okay (20 characters)


I don't understand the video


Did you watch it through???


Yes!! And it took a long time


All u needed to see was the actual level. Pick a part that you like, (of the level), and you are going to base your part of the game on that part! Get it??


I only have a few minutes we are going out to eat