@blog 's General Topic [Coding Partner Request]

Hey everyone, welcome to @blog 's Genral topic here you can as me anything and I will try to answer your questions.If you ask me private information I might not answer.

  • I will be your coding partner
  • nope never ever


Votes are public.


Hello, I have to go now, sorry.


@LegendOfFriday is here, though.

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Shhh lol I'm watching tv

Just came to announce @MiNi as president

Shhh don't be tell @blog that you can multitask.

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ha ha ha :laughing: :sweat_smile:

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I mean I want to sleep though

I voted for her, btw
Go, @MiNi!

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You can ask to be a canidate for next month

Talk to @blog in your dreams

I asked @LegendOfFriday

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@blog can join, too!

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huh :expressionless:

Okay, @blog, I'm going for real now. Bye!

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wow in 5 min ur general topic is longer than my general topic in 2 days

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ok bai @DECODECO :hand_splayed:

@LegendOfFriday I think I made a vice presdint up is it ok if we have one

That topic you just made, use it for all of The voting booths for everyone! Just change the title :slight_smile:

k will do partner :wink: