Blocks won't follow code HELP!


I'm making a shotgun

this is the code I use. It works perfectly for other blocks, but stopped working only a while ago, is there such a thing as to many blocks?



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Hmmm I don't know about this

I don't think there is something called that


No I have never heard of that before


Can you put a link for your project?


How? I'm a noob at this


Welcome to the forum! By the way, I moved this to the Bugs category because it's a bug report :wink:



That link doesn't work. Did you use pictures?


No I haven't but how do you put a link to ur project


Yay it works now, at least works for me


I was talking about the link, just to make things clear.


It still doesn't work for me...


cant you just open it n hopscotch? And what happens when you press the link?


My project is called Shotgun Mark1 unfinished


I can't open it in Hopscotch because I'm using a computer. By the way, it's still not working... Try looking at this topic:


Mine don't have any bad words and as far as I can see it's appropriate.


Try putting all that code in a repeat forever block, or change that block into a "Check Once If" block instead, because it doesn't seem like you have anything in the "Else" place.
What's weird is that it works for all your other objects.
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When has the change x bit maybe you need to have a wait block in between (for a short amount of time). I assume it is supposed to move from side to side?

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Can you give me a link so I can help


I fixed it :D
I just added a before it sets the value "ammo" to 0. The problem was that the handle didn't have time to "see" the ammo value as 1. I hope you understand how I mean!