Blocks are a pain to use!



When i try to use blocks, and i change one thing inside the block.Then it changes the block in all objects! so instead,Hopscotch,if your reading this, Please add a select copy and paste feature like you pres your finger to the first block behind and the last block at the front then you copy and paste with no problem! If this makes no sense, i'll repeat, When i use blocks, they change as i change them in ONE object. And they just change everything! So i want hopscotch to make a selection of blocks feature!


I don't understand what you mean but there is a copy and paste feature in HS


I mean you can select MULTIPLE things then copy and paste since blocks change entirely when you change them in a single object


You can copy-paste blocks (not the custom ones if you want to change parts of it), and to copy multiple blocks, just get a Repeat, Draw A Trail, etc. and put blocks inside it! Then when you paste, take the blocks outside the Repeat/Draw A Trail/other container!
To copy and paste regular blocks, not custom ones:
Press on a block!

Then tap on Copy, and press on an empty space!

Then paste!


Ah, thank you! Not afficent, but thats all we got.


Do you mean u want to copy multiple objects at once?


So we can't copy and paste a block?


Hi, @milesCoding! Wanna be friends?

Maybe your block problem is a glitch. You should email the THT.


Yeah,thats what i mean


I think THT are working on it :wink:

@GysvANDRegulus' method is probably the best way to do it currently :slight_smile:


Well,I use mah phone to do it but it works!
Put all the codes in a block!
Then do the copy and paste way!
It SOMETIMES works for me


We can copy and paste a block, but if you want to change only that block and not all the other same blocks, you can't use custom blocks!


This sounds like a good idea. I hope THT considers it.


(I do think that this is something THT can work on. Another type of ability!)


That isn't veree nice​:neutral_face:


If you put everything in a repeat (1) block, you can move lots of stuff


Sorry. I was just a little frustrated at that time because something happened like right before that IRL that made me sort of mad. I'm sorry.


It's OK!:smile:
We all have experienced things happening to us​:grinning: