Block Pixel Art



I always see amazing pixel art with square pixels, not circular pixels. I was just wondering how do you get square pixels? Thanks for all of your help! :smile:


Leave a trail (color) width (size value)
Repeat 4 times
Move forward (size value)
Turn (90)

Move forward (size value) times 2


If you need pictures I will grab one!


I just put @DancingLollipop's amazing tutorial into blocks, all credit to goes to @DancingLollipop!


Thanks!!! This will really help!


No problem! @SmilingSnowflakes thanks for showing the picture!



That moment when you are too late and everybody else already helped.


Btw @Flopper27 remember to fix the move left/right/down! :wink:

Instead of multiplying it by one, change it to two. :3


This is helpful. Here's are likes :heart::heart::heart: