Block menu stays up after exiting editor/project


I’ve run into this 3 times in the past 2 day


The actually just happened to me Weird thingy idk what to call it

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Hey all,

We are aware of this happening occasionally, but since it is not reproducible, it’s going to take some time until this bug is fixed. The workaround, for now, is restarting the app, which usually resolves the issue.


For me, it mainly happens after editing for a while on one scene, then switching scenes, scrolling down a list of methods, then editing some code there. Like you said, it is not reproducible, but that’s how it happens to me most of the time.


It doesn’t happen to me now often.
What about you? @Andpi

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This is how this is happening to me.
The secret is editing for a while on one scene, then editing on a different scene.

iPadOS 15.2
Hopscotch Version 3.48.3
Player Version 1.5.20

It might also only occur on large projects like the one in the video.


I have found out it happens after editing on one scene for a while, switching scenes, then updating the value of any block in that scene.

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Ok, I have determined the steps to reproduce the issue.

Step 1: do a bit of editing on the first scene (copy and paste some blocks for example)
Step 2: Switch scenes
Step 3: change the value of any block such as a set variable block, this is what causes the block drawer to stay open every time until app restart. The previous steps must be done for this to occur.

Step 4: if this doesn’t work, try scrolling a lot in Step 1.

Consistency Level: High (for me, that is)