Block idea! Wait until block



I think there should be a "wait until block". What this block would do, is that it would kinda stand as a marking to make two rules in one. This would be useful in a hopscotch project that has a lot of coding. So, for instance, let's say you put this code on a charecter:

So, this is what star girl will do: she will first do everything it says above the "wait until" block. Then, at some point, star girl bumps the troughy.
Then, she will do everything underneath the "wait until" block. To choose what is inside the wait until, block, the side interface (hopefully you know what i mean) will be exactly the same as the side interface for when you are choosing your "when" block exept for one thing. The blocks are blue, not pink. Please add this block in a future update!


There is a way to do that:
You do a repeat forever block then:
Check if VALUE R equals 1

You make another command:
When stargirl bumps trophie
Set value VALUE R to 1


But those are TWO rules. This would ALL be in one rule.


Your idea is awesome, I would like that but in the meanTime you can use that technique.


I guess. This post needs to be over 20 characters