Block Idea: New Random Math Block

It is chance…

If number <0.5
—do something 
— do something else

Is the definition of chance


I like this idea

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Cool, but a little confusing. (Don’t mind me, everything is confusing)

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So it’s more likely to be a lower or higher number. It’s actually a feature I needed for some of my older projects.

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Because its a bit Begginer friendly and to make it precise
(e.g. there is a 20% chance to an egg to spawn and a 70% chance to a cookie to spawn)

why can’t you just do

var x = Random (0) to (100)
if x < 40 {
  var y = 1 // 40% chance
} else {
  var y = 2 // 60% chance 

This would be a good idea, but I think you can work around it in the meantime.

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You could also use modulo for this as well

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