Block Idea! Delete this clone block



We should have a block that says delete this clone!
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  • Yes,we should have this block and it would be helpful:)
  • No, we shouldn't have this block:(



This would be great! I would need this for my ballon dart game.


I think I know a way of doing it without the delete this clone block, @Phase_Studios if you need help with it!


Can you please do it for me on my Dart Balloon game on my profile Phase Studios®.


Ok I will. It may not work but I will try. By the way, I'm gamergirlofgamers on it.


I could only find Phase Studiosc sorry. Can't find the c circle icon. There was no balloon dart on it.


Is the technique:
Make clone set invisibility to 100
Make character wait 10 milisecondes and set invisibility to 0


I thought if the dart hits the clone it will set value popped to 1 and when clone is made, make the clone repeat forever check once if popped=1 and if it does set invisibility to 100 @TromaxTheDestroyer


Yeah but that sets the invisibility for every clones.
You can do:
New text,
Set text to ▇ color white (background is white too)

When dart bumps balloon
Set position x to dart x y to dart y
(Teleport to dart)

So the white text ▇ makes the balloon invisible since it's white on a white background.


Just do set invisibility to 100


This is a awesome idea I would like this but you can just do set in isvisibility to 100% and the clone would almost be the same as a delete clone block

Although that block would be nice for a short cut of set invisibility to 100% it would be wwwaayyyyy easier but that my opinion you just never know :stuck_out_tongue:


Or you can do


Love this idea! Hope it works....


Thanks for all the positive comments and support! :grinning: