Blobber smash, my WIP game



i’m working on a game, called blobber smash. you smash objects with a… thing. credit to @CreationsOfaNoob for the code of the rope.
here’s a little preview:


Sounds cool!


That looks really awesome so far!


I agree with @Swati_Bang and @FATTCAT! It looks really good so far!


items for my game.


its out!


This game is awesome, and I’ve just played in the menu so far!
The fact that you tap buttons by smashing them is just such an amazing and creative detail!

You really deserve to have that game without a remix sign, do you want me to JSON edit it so it’s not there?




please do, it would be pretty nice to not have a giant “remix” sign on there.


I’d remove it but for some reason I can’t remix it

Oh yeah, tht forgot to make projects with images remixable again when they made it so you can’t add images in drafts


how do you edit json, anyways?


it would be nice to know how to remove the “remixed from” icon.


Here’s a link to a topic about it. I think there should be a thing that says “Original Creator” or something. You can replace that with your name. Just remember to make a copy of your project so you don’t accidentally destroy something and don’t have a backup.


i deleted blobber smash entirely, and i still have the json files…
any way to get the projects back through JSON?