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Dear @liza ,

Im sure you know off this bug, and have probably taken care off it, but whenever i wanna make a shape greyy it wont go grey. Thanks!!


(Ps im rlly tierd right know, srry for the lousy writing)


Idk, it's a bug. Use HSB(0,0,79) in the meantime (it's not the same colour but close enough)

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Thanks, ill be sure to give credit every time!! :heart:


Well you can use HSB 0,0,79.9999. That's as accurate as it goes.


Well, thanks!! I guess ill use both!! :smiley:


I didn't know that decimal places work for HSB values.


Me neither. Thats really fastinating!! But this is getting a wee bit off topic, and its kinda random so @Liza plz close


other people might have the same question :DD
It can stay open


You could recycle topics.


Ok. I'll turn this into a General Topic. :blush:


Ok, so what do you think of my code skills. (On Hopscotch im Blaze Wolf Girl)

  • Your Awesome!!
  • Your ok...
  • Meh
  • I hate chu. Go away


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Oh, and also, there's going to be a group called the BWG Crown Coders Wolf Pack. What do you think off it??

  • Totally do it!!
  • Ok, sure
  • Nah
  • No way!! :rage:


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Is anyone gonna vote?!? @Razor @MR.GAM3R @Sweetlina @RubyWolf1 plz vote!!!


Lol, this is my first gen. Topic. Ill change the name to #1