BLASTFUSION1?!?!? not me!


What is this. Go away whoever you are. I am the only BlastFusion.

Or is this someone who is not trying to be me.

Please help @liza @meg @asha @Rodrigo @Montoya


Just jgnore it, or remix the project and say that.


Ikr, i hate when this happens :frowning: but its not that big a deal, so i wouldnt tag leaders, also, they wouldnt suspends someones account because theynhappen a very similar name to yours. But i know how u feel.


Yeah but this guy has been hopscotching since May. I've started in April. And my first feature was in June, so he/she probably does this to lots of other Hopscotchers


Why do people do this!?!? It also happened to fooddelivery!


It happended to me too. Its because ppl look up to u. U should be happy.


Yeah but the rest of hs WILL think it's me.


It's a good idea to remix so you can still see their account if they change their name.


Shall I email THT? On Monday because they're currently not available


You can email them now, but you'll have to wait to get a reply :wink:


Yikes, I know how you feel! Someone must really like your projects and want to be as good as a coder as you to actually pretend to be you! You can email the Hopscotch team, or you could ignore it; everyone knows you are the real BlastFusion! Whoever that person was must really look up to you, so try not to be too angry!


This is an actual impersonation.
I've started watching this topic.


I've just emailed them... But I need to wait till Monday...


I hope they reply as soon as possible!


I'd ignore it. They're probably envious of you


There's a simple thing to do.

Post a project saying it's not you. You can even link this topic as more proof.


Lol 1 year later. @BlastFusion remember this?