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I found the problem, the anime was streaming slow because of the poor internet, but the internet is better now so streaming fast!


You watch DEATH NOTE?!

I love you even more now.


Ooh! What’s death note?


It’s an anime (there’s an English dub if you like), about a guy named Light who gets a notebook. Whenever he writes someone’s name into the notebook, they die. He uses the notebook to kill all criminals in Japan and then the world. Of course, it isn’t that straightforward.

I don’t wanna spoil anything so that’s all I’ll say.

Here’s a playlist of the full series.

Don’t read the comments so you don’t get spoilers.


Also, watch this 11 second clip out of context and you’ll die :joy:


Ah, looks pretty interesting :eyes:
I think I’ll check it out

:joy: The dreaded potato chip


It’s pretty cool but I’ve watched just a bit.
There’s a creep in there - that like monster guy


Yeah, Ryuk.

It’s AMAZINF up to episode 25.

26-37 are just meh.


Anyways @JonnyGamer, @Therealblah, @Jojo have you seen the recently featured projects? I hate to be rude, but they are far from featured worthy. They are so basic.


I haven’t played the recent Featured projects yet. Will check them out later today


Well, don’t. They are pretty bad, not trying to be rude.


Yeah.. I don’t want to be rude either, but I’ve noticed this for the past year or so :/


I don’t know, I made this topic for all of the nostalgic features out there (that ones off the top of my head)
Read the second post of this topic:


Yeah, they came all the time back then. Super Mario mini games also makes the best games :slight_smile:
I try aiming there and I think I’m pretty happy with my achievements :wink:


Awesome, thanks!

Yeah, I’m making a new list and I saw you got 2 really recent ones and I was like, “No way! It’s Blast fusion!!”

The Pokémon game is super awesome :ok_hand:

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That’s awesome! Coin runners and designing your own Mario world is awesome! But really… that balloon pop project… and the snow coaster…


Thank you! :hugs:

(Yeah the balloon pop one I got really confused :/ I didn’t know how I died and the screen could give someone epilepsy. I honestly think it’s embarrassing for HS to put those up since newbies will be like, “Uh.. This is lame” It probably should’ve gone on Rising)

Oh well


Yeah… unfortunately.



I can’t help but agree that some of the games on there are mediocre.

At least they’re giving people opportunities?


Yeah but still… I’m sure there are better projects out there.


The IQ test was pretty cool though.