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:smiley: wanna start a BIG chat


I’m going to get the 10000th post on nominations for featured.




Yo @BlastFusion
How you doing?


I can’t open any hopscotch projects :confused:


What what? That doesn’t make sense?
Can you view them online using the web browser version?


Look at the topic I just made


@Therealblah I’m just curious but does your anime website have Pokemon anime? I’ve gone into so many websites and they all are faulty, the streaming is so slow.


Dunno, it probably does though.


I just remembered in the Hopscotch files in iTunes file sharing there is a folder called “webplayer” and a JS file inside. This is how it works offline


Oh wow. It does still work on javascript offline


I couldn’t find the season I was looking for… but it is fairly modern?


yeah js csn run offline if it is downloaded


Yo @BlastFusion
How you doing


Good. Anime websites that are good are so hard to find. The one I use keeps crashing :rage:


Aw well, that’s too bad :confused:
Did you end up fixing your slow HS?

(Dude it’s happening to our computers too and some of the texts won’t even show up :frowning:)


I need to redownload the app and I’ll get the App Store later.


Okeedokes :ok_hand:
Yeah, I hope that sorts out and stuff

Happy Friday!!


Yeah, they’ve got the latest episodes of the anime that I like (after 24 hrs)