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Oh wait I thought you said prime never mind


Yes, that was the day that Numberphile Youtube started flming

This is the 2^10th post


Ah, ok


That’s true. The one before that must be 1110


Oh is it? That’s interesting. Anyways can you guys help me find my GT? I seem to have lost it XD.


Totes my goats bro!

After we get therealblah’s to 1000 wanna help mine get to 1K, mines at like 800 something


Did you get the notification in your topic?


I’m already like near 3000 XD.



Yeah sure. We’ll get it to 10001 posts which isn’t impossible!


Nope, I guess then that’s it’s in lounge?


Oooooh yaah! :D


Yeah, it isn’t impossible indeed, but we just won’t be the ones that post the 10001th post.


Yes it was, I’m really sorry I forgot to change it.


Because it’s evil @system’s evil roboto


You only lose regular after 5 confirmed flags


@Therealblah I swear how many new accounts are there. They just keep coming and coming. It’s soo suspicious. Just scroll down the latest and see all the topics the new users are making.

@Healeybot1 FYI I’m not xse mate


Anyways congrats on 3000, sorry I couldn’t finish it off.


Heyyyoooooo @BlastFusion! I got 1000 likes on my project!