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Ooh yeah, woops!


Maybe we should help out COAN. He’s near 1000

@Yusamac205 the one I’m really mad at, is hopscotch remixer. He’s been rude lately. DONT TELL HIM PLEASE. Don’t tell ANYONE.


Wait, I think somebody deleted a post.


Because 1000th is now Jojo.


Alright. COAN is neexxxxt.


Anyways can someone flag the post HopscotchRemixer recently did in COAN’s topic because he went way off topic and it shouldn’t be there. It is offensive




Well, it is, but I thought it was already flagged?


I recognise that guy, I think he did the movie ‘Bruce almighty’


No, one more is needed. I don’t want people seeing it bc it’s rude and offtopic.


Now do you guys mind if you can get my GT to 3000?
(I think I’m asking too much)


Yeah sure! Is it like another 100 left?


HEY, 1111 is neeeext


Something like that. Wait, I’ll just go get a link.


Yea. That’s a pretty cool number!


Oh wait, it’s not there.


Last binary number until 10,000


Wow is it? Is it not divisible by 11?


Yep. Anyways do any of you guys remember 11/11/2011 ?