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I don"t really understand the full extent of the situation, so I don’t know.


Yes, you should forgive him.

I don’t think @HopscotchRemixer is the kinda guy to unnecessarily flag someone’s post for not agreeing with them. Doesn’t seem right. Someone is trying to cause drama like xse was.


Aw no, not the Xse situation

If you’re having an issue with another forumer, here’s some advice:

Calmly work it out. Be real nice about it and don’t get triggered.

It’s good to work things out or else the tension will stay fooooreeeeevveeeer

36 posts left


35 you mean


Uhh I dunno @JonnyGamer and @NindroidGames

I’m pretty sure it’s 33 posts till 1000


1000-969 is clearly 31.
So it’s clearly 31


Well now you’re being a hypocrite, I checked it on a calculator and it’s 30


Oh no it isn’t, it’s 29!


28 geniuses


No, it’s 30, you’re wrong

This is post number 1000 according to the link


Anyways, according to the edit post thing. This is the 1001th post.


Aha! I got the 1000 post boooooyahs :ok_hand:


No it’s not?


He called me a hypocrite and wants to report me



That’s probably all the deleted posts included and that’s why.


Yes, I’m quite aware of that, but I don’t think that you should be asking me this. I am not you and you are not me.


Ok you don’t mean that in a rude way do you?


starts drowning in coded blue tears


Haha, sorry bout that