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@Anonymous was really good at that. I love TUBM game.

@HopscotchRemixer I saw xse’s recent post on your GT and don’t get offended, just ignore it. Please don’t blow up. :slightly_smiling_face:


Yeah, it is a lot of fun
Anonymous is a pretty chill dude :ok_hand:

(I remember playing Forum hide and seek except it got annoying for some people :joy:)


Whoops! I deleted the post on accident:

What if there was some sort of scavenger hunt game where you hide secret messages in posts and give clues
Waaaait, even better idea:
A topic where we all create a story, except, each person can only say 1 sentence and then pass it to the next person (with a tag or something)

That could work with Global Edit if everyone stays chill

I think it could be pretty hilarious :joy:

I’m gonna start working on it :ok_hand:


That’s awesome. I’ll get the first post!


Thank you! It’s what I try to say and he flags my posts.


@TheRealBlah please come on I have to speak to you.

Anyways let’s get this to 1000. [omg I never would’ve thought my GT would do that :scream:]



52 posts left.


Sorry, I’m here now.


@BlastFusion why would you flag me for posts that weren’t even inappropriate?


What did he flag you for?


It was on this topic about the drawing topic… they got in a minor argument.


The one asking which category it should be in? I didn’t see any argument.


Nope! It was about if the drawing topic is even about drawing! @HopscotchRemixer made it!


OH, I see. Thanks. Well it was kind of a stupid argument.


Did I not say to get out of my topics? This is a flame war - free topic. And since you still don’t tell me who was flagging my posts unfairly I flagged you.


Has it occurred to you that he may not know who did it?


Pls I don’t want flame wars in my topic. He is wasting my time.
Anyways @Therealblah I tagged you in his topic. Also please (@NindroidGames you too) flag the post he made in COANS topic as off topic because COAN likes his topic code related, just like me.


41 posts left :smile:

1 thouuuuusand


Nope, 40 posts left :grin:.


Do you think I should forgive him?