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Yeah intellection has so many flags for some reason.


They weren’t flagged… just hidden.


Ah, that makes sense, ok
I was like, is it just me or does Intellection have like all their posts flagged. Idk


Wait… what’s the difference between flagged and hidden?



But what’s the difference? How do you know if you were flagged or hidden?


I meant someone didn’t press the flag button on all of her posts. I guess flagged and hidden are sort of the same thing, posts that have a lot of flags will be hidden


Haha :joy: The evil system


Only 70 more posts to goooooo


When COAN comes on I’ll just invite him here and get some. It’s great talking to him.


Yeah, he’s a really cool dude. He’s really inspirational


Valgo too. But he left us ;(


Aw man :frowning: I didn’t know he left
That’s too bad

A lot of really awesome Hopscotchers have moooved on


I wonder if Leaders can view who flagged who

You might wanna email Lisa about it or something if someone is specifically targeting you

And since you can flag a limited amount of posts per day, maybe this person is waiting until they regenerate their flags :frowning:


But the person is like really popular and it wouldn’t work. I’d rather spend time in here talking to decent people.


What wouldn’t work? And popularity doesn’t matter anyways


Thank you!

Oh so you know who it is that is flagging you? That’s too bad :frowning:

Argh that reminds me of MyPi’s guide to the forum, it says to stick with the more popular people in an arguement but I totally disagree


No but it wouldn’t work. I don’t care about being popular I just want to learn about coding here.

@HopscotchRemixer tell xse that recommending alchohol and talking about what starts with p & s is so inappropriate and tell him that bragging about what he takes (I’m not going to mention it) is wrong and then he’ll shut his mouth.

@HopscotchRemixer lounge your topic, xse will be the only one who can’t access it.

@FATTCAT tag Rodrigo he will do something about it, I won’t because people get annoyed when I do.

@HopscotchRemixer say goodbye to your GT… sadly


That’s too bad

Yeah, I don’t really care for popularity either

I like hanging around in the math category (that is, not when Xse was here :/ ) and sometimes the random

60 more posts left!


I wanna make like a forum game or something, you know?
Like something cool using the Global Edit

Like an official hang around topic with games and stuff.